Essential Momusu sites

Being a serious Morning Musume fan demands a daily intake of Hello! Project news and media, but thankfully there are some incredible sites out there that make it so easy! Any fan will already know all about these sites, but I figured I would mention them out of sincere appreciation, and maybe some newbie fan will discover a new source of addiction!

Hello!Online is the mothership of Hello! Project sites, mostly because of their incredible torrent tracker, where the huge fan base makes available just about every Morning Musume TV appearance that hits the air. I also enjoy their news updates and the forums, and especially the Picboard, where you can quickly find thousands of images of your favorite member (I have to admit I check the Sayumi Picboard just about daily!).

Hello!SayuNii is an incredibly well-designed site that has quickly become my favorite source of Hello! Project news. It seems they always have the latest info the very instant it becomes available, including everything from new CD/DVD releases to Oricon charts.

Sayumin.org is the ultimate source for Hello! Project radio shows, and I use this site constantly to listen to Sayumi's Konya mo Usachan Peace and Reina's Five Stars every week! I love trying to understand the Japanese, hearing their cute voices, and seeing what songs they choose to play. This amazing service fetches all of the radio programs so you can listen to them via simple links, and it was built by a generous fan in Oslo, Norway!

Finally, although I don't use it daily, ProjectHello.com is an invaluable source of Japanese lyrics and English translations. They have everything back to the beginning of Hello! Project time, and although it takes a while for new releases to hit the site, I'm sure I've accessed their Morning Musume lyrics at least a thousand times!