Animaniacs Vol 3 : 4 of 5

For the past few years I've enjoyed these great DVD sets with Wakko, Yakko and Dot, and I've just finished all five DVDs of this volume of Animaniacs! I've been a fan of these "modern Looney Tunes" for quite a while, but it seems like I appreciate them more each time I see them. This set includes the last few of the original 65 episodes, followed by four really lame episodes (almost all filler), but then returning to hilarious material, some of which I don't remember watching before! There are some brilliant stand-out segments, such as the caricature of William Shatner singing karaoke, the "newly discovered" black & white Warner Bros cartoon from 1929, a fantastic Power Rangers spoof, Pinky and the Brain doing their own dialogue recording in the studio, and one delicious Minerva Mink spot (hubba hubba). One of the best episodes is the 65th Anniversary Special, which presents a funny fake animation history, complete with interviews with animators, classic Warner Bros characters, and lots of Termite Terrace in-jokes. Of course, the whole set can't be perfect, so there are a few parts that were real snoozers for me. I don't think Katie Ka-Boom is funny at all, and there are a few too many Goodfeathers segments for my taste (I would rather see more Slappy Squirrel instead). As usual, the music is downright incredible, from the scores that would make Carl Stalling proud to the wonderful original songs that seem like they would be impossible to sing (I love the earthquake song!). Only one disc in the set has bonus features, which are a couple of documentaries about music composition and character development. Both of these are pretty interesting, though the quality (especially their low recording volume) could use some work. Time sure flies when you're watching Animaniacs, and I can't believe that all five DVDs of this set went by so quickly! I desperately want to see the final episodes of the show, so I really hope Warner Bros makes the fans happy and releases Volume 4!

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