Manga Mentions 12.09

Honey and Clover Vol 1: When Shojo Beat magazine was still being published, I looked forward to reading Honey and Clover in each new issue, since it always had a relaxing effect on me. So even though I've enjoyed most of the manga piece-meal (as well as enjoyed the live action drama and movie), I decided to read it again! It's amazing how much I love this story, considering the bizarre artwork (not really my style), but the narrative is so well-written that it warms my heart every time! This first volume just gets things going with the art school students, and I'm looking forward to what happens next (even though I know already).

Nana Vol 3: Speaking of re-reading, I'm still having a good time with my second-favorite Shojo Beat series, so I picked up a couple more volumes on PaperBack Swap. In this volume Shoji starts cheating on Nana with Sachiko, but there's quite a bit of character development to demonstrate Shoji's internal conflict, making it a much more interesting situation. Also, Yasu moves to Tokyo to play drums with Nana's band, completing the line-up!

Nana Vol 4: Nana discovers that the other Nana had a relationship with Ren, so she starts scheming about getting her to see his band in concert. I love the scene where they see each other from the stage, and I was really moved by the line about crying because emotion fills the heart to overflowing (kind of a profound explanation).

Hikaru no Go Vol 17: It's becoming so easy to sum up Hikaru no Go lately: fantastic artwork, a bunch of Go games, and nothing much happens. I just have to keep reading since I'm come so far, and at least this volume includes a confrontation between Hikaru and Akira (who senses the presence of Sai), as well as a nice dream sequence with Sai himself (I hope he comes back soon).

Kaze Hikaru Vol 15: This volume has an interesting plot where a doctor friend of Sei's father comes to examine the troops (obviously a problem since Sei is a girl posing as a guy!). There's a little development in Okita's feelings for Sei, and the crisis resolves itself in a creative diagnosis that will support Sei's cause among the troops for quite a while. Now how about some action?