Enjoying iPhoto at last

For the past several months I've been moving my entire photo collection into iPhoto, and it's going really well. For a few years I avoided using iPhoto, since it used to have problems choking on as many photos as I take every year, but since it's a mature application now I decided to make the move, and it's doing fine with 20,000 images so far (though I have many more to add!). I really love the concepts of Events, Faces, and Places, and as I bring in old photos I'm taking the time to be sure every face is recognized (which is why I'm only doing a small batch every morning!). I'm also really enjoying the full screen mode, which helps me find the best image to post on Flickr from all my macro toy photos that I'm so obsessed with taking! I'm also learning a lot about the various enhancement features (thanks to reading David Pogue's Missing Manual that I borrowed from Dad), I finally understand what a histogram means and how to manipulate it to get my preferred "blown out" white background look. I even used iPhoto for this year's calendar gift that I always make for my parents (it was so easy to do the layout and ordering), and while I was in Oklahoma City recently I was able to do some quick image tweaking (straightening, removing dirty lens spots) before uploading my Christmas photos. I guess iPhoto has finally become indispensable software for me, and I can't wait to see what Apple does in the next version (hopefully in the near future)!