Crazy Christmas CDs

By this time in December, I'm listening to Christmas music non-stop, and my collection is full of the classics from my childhood (my parents got me hooked on the Ray Conniff Singers) and lots of contemporary stuff, too. But there are a few totally bizarre CDs that I love to listen to, even if they are a little out of character for me! Although I love Christmas with all my heart, for some reason I get the biggest kick out of irreverent, raunchy, dirty, hilarious Christmas parodies and spoofs! I've had Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics for a few years, and I love listening to the South Park characters totally destroy all the carols, especially the songs sung by Mr. Hankey himself. You have to be prepared for a unique experience when you listen to a CD with smiling turd on the cover! My newest CD is Have Yourself a Meaty Little Christmas featuring the characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and I have been crying with laughter over this one! I can't decide which track I like more: Master Shake singing the soulful I Sure Hope I Don't Have To Beat Your Ass This Christmas or Meatwad happily singing Santa Left A Booger In My Stocking (with lyrics like "Santa pulled his mitten off and shoved his finger up the booger trough and pulled a gift down his nose chimney")! Maybe I'm a little deranged - I'm sure I look funny singing these in my car with a huge laughing smile on my face!

Speaking of Christmas, the wait is finally over, and tomorrow I'll be flying to Christmas Town (which happens to be my parents' house in Oklahoma City). For the next 10 days I won't be writing many WEBmikey posts, but I can't curb my Twitter addiction, so you'll know what's going on (if you want)!