Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure : 3 of 5

Although I'll always be partial to the spunky, voiceless pixie from the original Peter Pan, I'm really happy that this series of CGI Tinker Bell movies has been surprisingly good! This latest adventure has a wonderful story that really focuses on Tink herself, wisely moving all the other fairies (except for her best friend Terence) into the background (but of course, they all still make appearances for continuity with the first film). The plot is pretty mystical and really creative, involving an Autumn festival where the right combination of moonlight and an ancient moonstone creates blue pixie dust, which is used to rejuvenate the "regular" pixie dust tree (which everyone in Pixie Hollow depends on!). Tink's own character flaws cause her to accidentally break the crystal, so she has to embark on a quest (complete with new costume) to find an enchanted mirror that has one wish left on it. This backstory is told in a cool theater setting with great animation, and I loved how they brought pirate lore (essential to Never Land) into the story! The animation is a little mixed, since Tink looks wonderful (especially her bobbing hair movements), but the lesser characters are a little stiff with quick bird-like actions (which could have been intentional). I really enjoyed discovering small details like all the items that Tink has used to construct assembly line machinery at the pixie dust tree (as well as the cool fireplace in her home made of a standing smoking pipe!), but my favorite moments were the homages to Peter Pan, such as Tink's face turning red with anger, or when she travels past Skull Rock (which was so cool I had to yell "Yeah!" when I saw it!). The adventure style of the story is really fun, and the way Tink seriously screws up at times deepens her character. The DVD includes some fake bloopers (pretty hilarious), but the other bonus features are a little weak. Even though I've been renting the movies in this series, I'm starting to think these are good enough to buy for my Disney collection!