Whiz kid Emiliano

Every few weeks or so I get to spend some time (and eat a free dinner) with my pals Chris & Eliza, which means I get to visit with their almost two-year-old, Emiliano! He was the first (and only) newborn I've ever held, so I really like playing with him and watching him grow up. I get to be his pretend-Uncle Mikey, and I'm glad he's my pretend-nephew! Last night he was pretty impressive, and Chris took every opportunity to show off his son. We played with dinosaurs (Emiliano can do a great roar), then banged on the drums for a while (it's amazing when he gets alternating hands going). Next Chris got out these alphabet letters, and Emiliano can actually make the sounds just by looking at them! Hold up a B, and he says "Ba!" Hold up a G, and he says "Ga!" He can also recite the last word of every sentence in one of his favorite books. Later he had a bath and I was watching TV by myself, and suddenly Emiliano ran into the room pantsless. I just laughed and said "You're naked!", so he decided to prove his nakedness by taking a whiz on the carpet (after kicking his toys out of the line of fire). It was hilarious! I haven't taken a photo of Emiliano in a few months, so check out Chris & Eliza's Flickr photostream for more recent pictures of my pretend-nephew.