Walking and observing

I've been walking twice a day for several weeks now, and I've pretty much settled on the same 1.5 (almost) mile route in the neighborhood behind my office, so I see a lot of the same thing day after day. I have a lot of time to think and look around during these walks, and it's interesting to me the things I notice if I just take the time to observe (and I definitely have time during my walk!). When I first began, it seemed like every house was getting a new roof (thanks to a big Austin hailstorm a while back), so I got to watch them all going up, as well as observe which crews seemed to be doing a great job and which ones were sloppy. Two houses I pass have been getting some kind of fancy garage floor coating, so I get to see the same truck everyday with a guy whose job is just to sit there watching big fans dry the coating while he smokes. I seem to have the same schedule as the mailman for this neighborhood, so I've discovered that he's always puffing on a pipe while he works, which is kind of cool (and smells great)! I know that some kid on the block just turned eighteen, thanks to a yard full of streamers and all kinds of slogans written on their car. Just being observant also plants lots of details in my head, too! I realized that I pass three different houses with the same address number as my parents and I even know which houses have little barking dogs in them. A couple of times I have gotten some waves, probably because people are used to seeing me walking down their street at the same time every day. I'm really thankful for my walking time, not only because it's helped me lose weight, but because it helps me to relax and take notice of the little details of the world!