Sold Separately / Classic Kids Commercials : 2 of 5

I don't remember how I found this DVD on Netflix, but it was probably because somehow they know I'm into old TV commercials (especially now that I'm seriously middle-aged), so I rented it to take an anime break. The DVD is organized into three sections: Cereal & Snacks, Toys & Games, and Celebrity Commercials, and there's about three hours of material, which is awesome at first, but gets a little old by the end. I also really would have preferred to watch these in chronological order, but instead they jump all over the place, from black & white to color and back again. There are lots of interesting ones that I really enjoyed, some totally new to me! I liked the old 1950s animation, and it was cool seeing cereals I had never even heard of (with free offers where you send your box tops to an address that didn't even have a zip code!). Some of the cereal commercials I remembered were great - I sang the Honeycomb song and loved seeing the free terrarium that came in Alpha Bits! The toy commercials are filled with war toys and baby dolls, so I got to see a three-dollar Barbie, original GI Joe toys, and even Big Jim (which was a toy I had, though now he looks pretty fruity!). It was nice to see the classic Connect Four spot ("Pretty sneaky, sis!"), and I had no idea the original Mr. Potato Head required a real potato! But overall, I was a little disappointed with the toy selection, since so many were from way before my childhood. The final section of celebrity commercials was okay, but way too long in my opinion, and actually has no business being on a DVD of "kids commercials". But it was still neat to see the Three Stooges sell car wax and the Beverly Hillbillies sell corn flakes! For someone who really wants to see classic toys of the 70s and 80s, I would recommend buying the excellent DVDs available at Plaid Stallions instead of watching this DVD, but if you're a tad older (or a fan of the 50s), you'll definitely enjoy this collection of commercials!