Routine Mikey

I’ve always been the kind of person that enjoys a routine, especially in the morning. It’s funny how I settle into something, which will last quite a while, then it will slowly morph into a different routine (I’m sure if you dig around on WEBmikey you’ll find several mentions of past routines!). Lately I’ve been pretty focused on a fairly extensive set of activities, and it always makes me feel great when I do them all! Of course, sometimes I leave things out, but here’s what a “perfect” day looks like for me.

I wake up at 5:30 AM (I’ve always loved getting up early, and it’s been so easy since I started using my soothing iPhone alarm instead of my awful alarm clock!), and sit down at my iMac. One of my current projects is moving my entire photo collection to iPhoto (which includes tagging faces), so I do a few sets of pictures (it will take me months to finish it all, but doing a little every day is the way to go). Next I usually upload one of my latest toy macro photos to Flickr. I take these ahead of time, which is sometimes the next activity. I shoot a few photos of whatever new toys I’ve added my collection, and these transfer to my iMac automatically via my EyeFi card (once again, doing just a few shots each morning is much easier for me than doing a ton all at once, since I will just keep putting that off). Now I’m ready to go downstairs, take my vitamins, and start studying Japanese. I do three lessons on Smart.fm, then at least 100 words on LearnTheKanji.com. After that I turn on some classical music and read a chapter or two of whatever book or manga I’m working on. Finally, I have a quick breakfast (oatmeal or yogurt) while watching a few minutes of whatever Jpop TV shows I have ready on my Apple TV. After all of this, it’s finally time to get dressed for work!

My weekday routine (aside from actual work in the office) starts during my lunch break. I almost always go home for lunch, and the first thing I do is fire up the Wii and play Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout before I eat, and usually post something on WEBmikey after I eat. Back at work, I’m in the habit of taking walks around 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM (a little under 1.5 miles each), which breaks up the day nicely. When I go home, I like to immediately work a little on whatever project I’m into, which currently is learning Final Cut Express, so I do a lesson from a book I’m working through. If I don't have band rehearsal or something going on with my pals, then most nights I watch a movie, and I even have kind of a schedule for that, somewhat rotating through purchased DVDs, Netflix rented DVDs, or Netflix Watch Instantly options.

On the weekends, I still do my usual morning routine, then on Saturdays I talk to my parents on the phone, and right after that I go to the Domain or the Arboretum for a long walk. Sundays are almost the same, except I go to church before the walk. Some of this rigidity (or monotonous repetition) sounds a little crazy even to me, but somehow I really like it. I always enjoy blowing everything off once in a while, but most of the time I’m just happy living the same day over and over!