Netflix One-Liners 10.09

Capricorn One: This was a fantastic movie to watch with the guys, featuring a semi-science fiction plot about a faked Mars landing, the "acting" of both Telly Savalas and OJ Simpson, and some of the most incredible airplane chase aerobatics I've ever seen (seriously)!
Celebrity: I've always loved this black & white Woody Allen film (with Kenneth Branagh practically doing a Woody impression in the lead role) about a writer's mid-life crisis, filled with awesome self-searching dialogue and a crazy night with Charlize Theron!
Batman Returns: Since I watched Tim Burton's Batman in my last Netflix batch, I decided to watch the sequel (definitely the only Batman sequel worth seeing), featuring Michelle Pfeiffer's cool version of Catwoman and Danny DeVito's totally disgusting Penguin.
Batman vs Dracula: I never got around to watching this animated feature until now, and I really wasn't missing anything, although it was kind of cool to get into this incarnation of the animated Caped Crusader (since I haven't watched The Batman series in a long time).
What's Up, Tiger Lilly?: Woody Allen's comedic re-dubbing of some classic Japanese spy films wasn't nearly as funny as I remembered, although I was really excited to see Kumi Mizuno (my favorite Godzilla girl) in one scene!
State and Main: I always get into David Mamet's dialogue, and I really like this crazy satire of Hollywood filmmaking as it takes over a small town, and even though I realized I had already seen this movie (after about 20 minutes), I still watched it to the end!
Space Battleship Yamato: Of course, I used to watch Star Blazers (the US dubbed version of this anime) as a kid, so I watched this two-hour "summary" version of the entire original series (in the original Japanese!), which definitely loses something in the reduction, but it was a blast to make it to Iscandar again!
The Animatrix: Although the live-action Matrix films get worse as the trilogy progresses, this collection of animated shorts set in the same world is absolutely fantastic, featuring incredibly clever and interesting writing, awesome animation, and fascinating back-story to the whole saga!
Big Man Japan: There's no way a kaiju fan like me wouldn't enjoy this funny mock-documentary of a super-sized protector of Japan, but the absolutely crazy ending (or non-ending, I should say) left my pals and me kind of flabbergasted.
The IT Crowd Season 3: Each season of this British series is funnier than the last, and this third season is totally genius, including an accidental armed robbery involvement and a hilarious parody of social networking called Friendface!