Music Moments 10.09

Morning Musume / All Singles Coupling Collection: I love special CD sets, and this three CD collection of all of Morning Musume's B-sides is fantastic for several reasons! There are lots of songs here that are entirely new to me (since I only have singles starting with Sexy Boy, and sometimes these extra tracks weren't part of their full-length albums), plus many songs that I have enjoyed in concerts but never had on CD until now. I also love having the recent B-sides (many of which are excellent) all together! The limited edition bonus photobook (which is actually hardback and great quality) is filled with cute shots, too!

MC Frontalot / Nerdcore Rising:
Being an mc chris fan, I'm no stranger to nerdcore (basically hip-hop/rap with geek-inspired lyrics), but until now I hadn't experienced the guy who invented the genre. After watching an excellent documentary about his career, I decided I had to get MC Frontalot's first album, which is hilarious and totally kickin' as well! The production quality is amazing, and while some of the songs are a little out-there, I can listen to this CD over and over and discover new funny references each time.

Lee Morgan / The Sidewinder: I was first introduced to the jazz standard The Sidewinder back when I played with Stone Bluff in Tulsa, and recently this song kept popping up on Last.fm, which brought back good memories. I hadn't bought a jazz CD in a while, so I decided I needed this best-selling, must-have jazz classic from 1963. I love listening to these long tunes (some 10 minutes or more) while I'm driving, and they're awesome on my iPhone while I'm walking, too!

Sarah Chang / Dvorak Violin Concerto & Piano Quintet: After seeing Sarah Chang play with the Austin Symphony, I wanted to have at least one of her recordings in my collection, so I decided on this CD after listening to some samples. I don't have much Dvorak, but these are wonderful pieces, full of emotion, which Sarah Chang expresses beautifully (I love her extremely controlled high notes!).

Metric / Live It Out: I've listened to Metric's Old World Underground album so many times that I figured it was finally time to buy another CD. Live It Out is their next release from 2005, and although it's not quite as good, it still has the same awesome feel with driving guitars and just the right amount of keyboards, as well as interesting and provocative lyrics (Poster of a Girl is pretty shocking!).