Star Trek / Mirror Images : 3 of 5

I've been reading a lot of Star Trek comics this year, especially anything set in the era of the Original Series, and I'm pretty impressed with the great stories out there! Star Trek comics are great because they can include scenes that would have been impossible to film or too expensive back in the Shatner/Nimoy days, and they can also tell obscure tales that only fans would adore. This comic collection is set in the alternate universe of the episode Mirror, Mirror (which everyone knows as the "Spock with a beard" episode), where the Federation is known as the Empire and all the characters are ruthless cutthroats! The plot takes place prior to the TV episode, while evil Kirk is only second-in-command under evil Captain Pike. The story is full of backstabbing and deceit, even from evil Spock (who is cruel in the name of logic, of course), and beautifully rendered with fantastic, moody artwork with great use of shadows and dramatic lighting. Most of the story involves the building of Kirk's spying device in his quarters (which he uses in Mirror, Mirror), which Scotty has to secretly build from parts smuggled in by green Orion slave girls wearing the components as their sexy outfits! The book also includes a short interlude story set in the Next Generation timeline (but still in the alternate evil universe), in which a young Picard kills a Vulcan captain to rise in rank. There are several fight scenes and lots of brief dialogue, which makes this book a quick read overall, but I still totally enjoyed this tribute to one of the most popular and unique episodes of the Original Series. I'm looking forward to buying more Star Trek graphic novels soon!