Sailor Moon Scout Guides / Sailor Moon & Sailor Mercury : 3 of 5

I'm not ashamed to say I'll always be a Sailor Moon fan, but I would never have gone searching for these books if they hadn't shown up on PaperBack Swap, where they were impossible to resist! These Scout Guides came out a few years ago (now out of print), and there was a book for each main Sailor Moon character, but there were only two available to swap. Each book is crammed with full color artwork and tons of frames from the anime, with first-person writing to reveal the "secrets" of the character (you know, important things like their favorite ice cream and stuff like that!). It's kind of fun to see all the frames of their transformation scenes and attacks (easier than freeze-framing a DVD), and I enjoyed reading summaries of some great episodes that I remember watching a few years ago. There's a ton of text about nearly every bit character and enemy in the show, but lots of it is written sideways (to be stylish, I guess), so it's totally annoying to read. Strangely, the text sometimes uses the original Japanese names, but sometimes throws in the lame English dub names (I will never refer to Usagi as Serena!). Each book ends with a section of poetry, which is actually the lyrics to some of the sappy romance songs from the show, such as Tuxedo Mirage (I actually like that stuff!). Overall these are pretty fun books, and I wouldn't mind getting the rest of the series if I stumble upon them. These books kind of make me feel like watching some of the anime series again - maybe I can find time to see at least one of the Sailor Moon movies!