Netflix One-Liners 9.09

Batman: I love re-watching old favorites on Watch Instantly, so it was fun to check out Tim Burton’s original Batman movie again, which really ignited the whole superhero entertainment industry, as well as inspiring the Batman Animated Series!
The Poseidon Adventure: I hadn’t watched a disaster movie in a long time, so I thought I would take a look at one of the classics, and I was actually pretty impressed with the story, upside-down effects, and characterization (especially by Gene Hackman).
Poseidon: I couldn’t resist watching this modern remake so soon after the original, which of course had tons of flashy effects, but really fell short in the character department (everyone was basically boring or stereotyped).
Armageddon: Yes, I had never seen this before, and truthfully, I only wanted to watch it since it’s so often parodied, but at least now I know the first two-thirds are really terrible (so much sap!), but the action scenes in the final third are pretty cool.
Across the Universe: I remembered being intrigued by the trailer for this musical inspired by Beatles music, and even though I’m not into 60s culture, I absolutely loved the film and the creative way they integrated all of the original lyrics!
Beneath the Planet of the Apes: Every few years I have to watch all of the Planet of the Apes films (which are all on Watch Instantly except for the first), so I had fun as usual watching the creepy mutants take on the gorillas!
Escape from the Planet of the Apes: I love all the subtle laughs in this movie (such as “grape juice plus”), but it’s still a fantastic setup for the bizarre timeline (though I always crack up at the “Mama! Mama!” chimp at the end!).
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes: I’m fascinated by the details of how the apes gain intelligence, but the extended battles run a little long for me, though I think Caesar’s final speech is pretty chilling.
Battle for the Planet of the Apes: Even though this final film is really low budget, the way it ties everything together (including clips from Escape) is still pretty genius, and Caesar’s character is interesting and complex!
Hancock: I totally missed this in the theater, so I was glad to find it on Watch Instantly, even though the second half of the movie was a little too “out there” to balance out the superhero farce feeling of the first half (still a decent film, though).