Manga Mentions 9.09

xxxHolic Vol 13: It's been quite a while since I've read this series, and it's actually getting a little old (I'm definitely tired of the stupid Tsubasa cross-over stuff), but since I've come this far I feel like I have to keep reading it! In this volume it seems there's an end to Kohane-chan's problems, and there are a few intriguing lines, but none of the charm that got me started on this series, unfortunately. I'm caught up with the publishing dates of almost all of the manga I'm reading now, which means I have to wait months for each new volume!

Kaze Hikaru Vol 13: Even this fantastic series seems to have lost a little steam (maybe the 13th volume is unlucky?), but there's still an interesting emotional plot to get into, since Kamiya begins to face the fact that she's just not as strong as a man (even though she's posing as one!). The side story this time involves Kashitaro's dejected overweight brother Miki, who becomes Kamiya's friend so they can encourage each other.

Nodame Cantabile Vol 16: Now that my pal Kumiko has read the entire Nodame Cantabile series in Japanese, I'm totally jealous that I have to wait three months between each new translated volume! This time Chiaki concentrates on getting the Roux-Marlet orchestra in shape, while the rest of the story features Tanya and Kuroki. Nodame herself doesn't appear much, but when she does she presents a hilarious photo collection of her beloved Chiaki!

Hikaru no Go Vol 16: Since Hikaru is being boring while he's depressed about losing Sai, the story focuses instead on Isumi living in China for awhile to study Go with other dedicated students. This is an excellent subplot that really had me interested, and it looks like it's going to finally get HIkaru back in the game!

Appleseed Vol 3: I'm really starting to become a Masamune fan and enjoying the way it feels to dive deep into his futuristic world (which means examining each page for all of the insane details)! This volume is filled with international intrigue and politics, including a huge action-packed operation in France as well as the capture of a renegade Bioroid, plus a bunch of conversations between Deunan and Hitomi (usually lounging around half-naked).

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