Last of the Jedi Vol 7 / Jude Watson : 3 of 5

I'm still enjoying this incredible Star Wars series since I'm fascinated with these imaginative events that take place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. I always end up waiting a little too long between reading each volume (since I have to keep up with manga and other books!), but thankfully there is a new Guide to Characters that covers everyone in the story (which really helped me out!). In this part of the saga, Ferus Olin is operating as a double-agent, officially working with the Empire right under the nose of Darth Vader. This is especially dramatic since Ferus was friends with Anakin at the Jedi Academy (as seen in Jude Watson's previous Star Wars books), and there's a scene where Ferus almost begins to figure out who Vader could be after studying his fighting moves! The setting this time is the planet Belassa (where Ferus is from, which makes him look like a traitor to his people), and the Empire is stepping up factory production for a huge project (which I am guessing could be the Death Star, since Grand Moff Tarkin is involved!). There are also scenes on Coruscant involving the kidnapping of a Force-sensitive boy, including other familiar characters such as Dexter Jettster. The end of this volume has a really sad and dramatic scene that I can't reveal, but it leads to the Emperor talking to Ferus and offering him the same kind of "training" he gave to Vader! Hopefully I'll read the next volume before I forget what's going on. Things are getting exciting and chilling - I almost wish there was a movie of this series!