Bolt / Two-Disc Deluxe Edition : 4 of 5

It's only appropriate that my last WEBmikey post before I head to Walt Disney World is for a Disney animated feature on DVD! As always, watching the bonus features on this disc has given me a better appreciation of the film (which I really enjoyed when I saw the sneak preview, though I certainly wouldn't call it an instant classic), and I really had a great time watching it again with a new set of eyes. Truthfully, in the theater I didn't notice how wonderful the backgrounds are, which actually have digital information removed to give them a more artistic look, so this time I hardly looked at the characters! Well, that's not totally true, since I really like Rhino the hamster, and I thought it was cool that the Disney story artist who recorded the scratch tracks for Rhino's voice was chosen for the actual role. Bolt was headed-up by two first-time directors (although they have 14 years experience at Disney!), but John Lasseter was really involved as well, and it's fun to watch the story meetings (as well as see the cool Disney offices) in the brief documentary included on the disc. By the way, even though this is a two-disc edition, the second disc only contains the digital version of the movie, which was kind of a disappointment. At least they managed to squeeze quite a bit (relatively speaking) on the feature disc, which also includes a couple nice deleted scenes (I actually preferred the Las Vegas setting for Bolt to learn he doesn't have powers) and the new short Super Rhino, which can only be described as "fully awesome"! Overall, I really enjoyed Bolt on DVD since I could really take notice of the wonderful art direction and lighting, which proves that Disney still cares about the art of animation. They still have a long way to go to match the emotional impact of a Pixar film, but at least Bolt knocks something like Chicken Little right out of the park!