Three Small Things 8.09.09

I've been getting behind lately taking photos of my new PEZ, LEGO sets, and other toys, mainly because I'm lazy! I decided that part of my procrastination has to do with getting out the USB cable and transferring my photos to my iMac, so I thought I would take that out of the equation by getting an Eye-Fi card for my camera. I've been interested in these SD cards with built-in wi-fi for a long time (I was pretty amazed by the idea when they first came out), and now they are so cheap. It didn't take long at all to configure everything, and now while I'm shooting my toys the photos are magically being transferred to my iMac simultaneously. It's a pretty simple concept, but I'm totally into convenience, so maybe I can keep up with my ever-growing toy collection now!

Since I've been eating the same kinds of simple meals for quite a while now, I've been trying things to keep them interesting. Lately I've been putting salsa on just about anything, since salsa is incredibly low-calorie. I don't think I had ever had salsa on scrambled eggs before, but now I love it! Salsa is also my only topping for a baked potato, too - no butter, no salt, just salsa. I also put it in black beans for some extra flavor. I haven't been trying any exotic brands, but I think I'm going to branch out since I'm using it so much.

I haven't written about Japanese in a long time, so here's a quick update on my language studies (yes, I haven't stopped!). I'm still a big fan of Smart.fm, and I'm really close to completely finishing my fourth course. I discovered a truly awesome site called Read the Kanji that may be the easiest, most fun way to study kanji ever invented, and I can't believe how nice it is to crank through a few hundred words every now and then (it's really reinforcing my vocabulary, too)! Since the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is getting re-leveled next year, I'm pretty sure I want to take the N3 test (which is between the old Level 3 that I have already passed and the incredibly difficult old Level 2), so I may completely switch into studying mode next year. Until then, I'm having fun studying via the web and "practicing" by watching Jpop shows!


  1. Hey Mikey... how did you start with Japanese? Did you start with the Rosetta Stone software or something else?

  2. I started with two semesters at ACC, then did two levels of Rosetta Stone, a few years with private tutors, took the JLPT two years in a row, and constantly worked through books and online resources. :) I definitely recommend the JLPT as a way to structure your studying! The best website EVER is http://www.guidetojapanese.org/ - check that out to get started!

  3. Awesome!! Thanks! If we decide to host a Japanese exchange student next summer I'll definitely need to learn more than the handful of words I learned from anime.