Three Small Things 8.01.09

It's been much too long since my last Three Small Things post, so here we go! I've been doing lots of walking for exercise recently, usually taking two walks a day in the hot sun during work breaks. I've been using RunKeeper on my iPhone to track my progress, and I totally love it (even though I am only using the free version). Unlike a pedometer, RunKeeper actually uses the iPhone's GPS to figure out how far I've walked, and even shows me exactly where (here's the stats for a typical walk). It even sends a tweet for me, so I can tell the world I'm exercising!

I'm always looking for different healthy snacks to try (carrots can get pretty boring!), and my latest discovery is frozen grapes! I just buy a bunch of fresh grapes, wash and pick them off the stem, then put them in a Ziplock and pop them in the freezer. No matter how long you leave them in the cold, they don't turn into total ice cubes - they keep the consistency of delicious mini popsicles! I love to snack on them this way, so the hardest part is savoring the flavor and making them last.

After a few years of having the most boring About page in blogging history, I've finally done something with it! I always had trouble because so many people list favorites on their About pages, and my favorites are always changing, so I just tried to mention all the cool things I love (with tons of links back into relevant WEBmikey pages). Check it out and maybe you'll discover something (but I doubt it - you know me well enough already)!

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