Parents visit and birthday fun

Last weekend my parents made their yearly trip to Austin to visit me, and we had a wonderful four days together! When I was planning our time I thought we might be a little bored, but the hours flew by and we always had something to do. One night we saw Esther's Follies, which was as hilarious as ever, and another night we saw the Broadway touring production of Wicked, which was incredible. We also drove to Lake Travis for lunch at Carlos & Charlie's (Mom and I really like their margaritas), and we were stunned by how dried up everything is because of the lack of rain (tons of formerly floating docks sitting on dry land). We also did lots of shopping, Wii playing (now Dad wants one!), and some successful MacBook and iPhone maintenance. Since Dad's birthday fell on the same weekend, I took them to Fleming's for a nice steak dinner. I had never been to Fleming's before, but it turned out to be fantastic - Dad enjoyed it so much! The Chocolate Lava Cake dessert was totally amazing! As usual, I was a little bummed when these goof-off and good-eating days were over, but I think I'm adjusted now.

Just before my parents' visit, a few of my pals got together to celebrate Kumiko's birthday, which was a lot of fun! Kumiko got lots of nice gifts (I had a good time making a Godzilla birthday card in Japanese) and the food at the original Kerbey Lane was great!

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