Netflix One-Liners 8.09

Superman 3: Since I've seen Superman and Superman 2 so many times, I thought it was only fair to check out the terrible (but hilariously bad) sequels that followed, starting with this bizarre Richard Pryor comedy that inspired the money siphoning virus in Office Space.
Superman 4: I guess I was looking for more torture, because even though Superman 4 tries to return to the serious superhero genre (Gene Hackman is back along with a new solar-powered super villain), it still falls totally flat (but it's great for some laughs!).
The IT Crowd Season 1: This British sitcom about an office IT department has been recommended all over the web since it's full of geek culture references, and even though it wasn't as funny as I had hoped, I still became a fan of Moss and Roy right away!
The IT Crowd Season 2: The second season of this series is at least twice as hilarious as the first (and the Netflix quality is much better, too!), since there are lots of situations that occur outside of the office itself, like the unbelievable episode where Roy pretends he's been the victim of wheelchair theft!
Pearl Harbor: I only watched this to see if it could be as bad as everyone says, and aside from some great special effects and action (which goes on too long, of course), I have to say that everyone is right about Michael Bay's completely obvious and boring style.
Lifeforce: This is an awesome example of bad science fiction/horror that for some reason I always want to see - naked space vampires and Patrick Stewart making a paycheck in what could be his most embarrassing role!
Planet Terror: Although I absolutely hated the Tarantino half of Grindhouse, I really enjoyed this Robert Rodriguez zombie flick (complete with a machine gun legged heroine and plenty of gooey blood), which thankfully is available as a stand-alone selection on Netflix!
Krull: I watched this 80's fantasy adventure with my pals, and even though all of us had seen this movie as kids, we spent the whole evening remembering things we had forgotten ("Oh yeah! The cyclops guy! Oh now I remember the big spider web!").
Sleeper: Some of Woody Allen's earlier films are too goofy for me, but I've always been a fan of Sleeper, since it's a great mix of science fiction (including cool minimalist design, hover cars and robot servants) with some fantastic one-liners and sight gags (I always crack up when he steals the giant fruits and vegetables!).
Mighty Aphrodite: Although the ending of this film wraps up far too quickly, this is still one of my favorite Woody Allen movies, which has some truly touching scenes combined with the most hilarious Greek Chorus parody ever!

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