Drumming for Epidemic of Fear

I finally have something to write about instead of another review! Since last week I’ve been performing in another theater production (similar to my past experiences in Le Petomane and Comedy of Errors) called Epidemic of Fear: The Influenzical (although the name sounds ominous, the play is a music comedy)! The playwright and director John Cecil is a good friend of my pal Jonathan (in fact, they played together in one of their first bands that later evolved into the famous Merchants of Venus), so he asked Jonathan to recommend some musicians, since the show is a musical with lots of songs. Jonathan is playing horns and keyboards, Chris is playing bass, I’m playing drums, and the director John is playing guitar. We actually play behind a curtain for the whole show, so we have to listen carefully for cues, but it’s kind of fun because we can be so relaxed back there! The music was fun to learn and the show is really funny (it’s kind of a spoof of the bird flu panic from the past, which seems pretty appropriate during today’s swine flu worries), and we had a great opening weekend. The show got some press on the news, and there was a professional sounding interview on Austin’s KUT radio as well! We get to perform the show two more times (tonight and tomorrow) at Salvage Vanguard Theater, so if you happen to read this in time, you might want to check it out!

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