Disney Think Fast / Nintendo Wii : 3 of 5

When this game first came out, I figured it would be way too easy for a Disney mega-fan like me, but I still wanted to try it out. I got the chance to play it with my pal Melinda, and even though there are definitely some super-easy questions, I was still attracted to the cool graphics and presentation, as well as some of the more obscure character challenges! I found a copy for only twenty bucks, so I figured it would be cool to sit around and play every now and then, at least until I unlocked everything (unfortunately, I discovered there are only three things to unlock, which I did after the first couple games!). Disney Think Fast has a game show format with the Genie from Aladdin as the host, and you can play as one of several popular Disney characters. You also get to choose your environment (like Ariel's undersea kingdom, or Stitch's Hawaii), which determines the guest character that will show up to ask some questions about that particular movie. Some of the rounds have general knowledge questions that are definitely geared to kids, but of course most of the game is Disney trivia. As I suspected, lots of the questions are a breeze, but there are also plenty of unexpectedly difficult ones (I always forget things like the characters from Robin Hood!). By far the most challenging round is called Observation, which shows a clip and then asks really obscure questions like "How many bells were on the string Dopey was playing?" I actually have a pretty good time trying to get a super-high score. Since some rounds are time-based and some have wrong answer penalties, it can be a challenge to squeak out a few more points to beat my last score. The overall game is a pretty cool Disney experience, and for $20 bucks it's a great diversion to keep my Disney skills sharp!

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