Puzzle fun with Square Scramble

Now that I've finished up my Los Angeles trip posts, it's time to mention some other cool news about my pal Dae. A while back he released his first iPhone application on the App Store called Easy Finance, which does all kinds of cool calculations and what-if scenarios, but now he's breaking into the puzzle game market with Square Scramble! The game actually became available while I was in LA, so I got to be his first sale, and it's a really challenging game to play. Square Scramble is easy to learn, but it takes quite a while to develop a strategy, and there are so many levels that I'll never finish them all. My favorite thing about the game is it's totally original - I love how Dae came up with something so classic, yet totally new! It was fun talking with him about the coding and internal details, and I like how he created his own sound effects and everything. It was also cool giving demos of the game at the 4th of July party - judging from people's reactions, it definitely has that puzzle quality that makes you want to figure it out. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next, so keep an eye on his website and check out these apps!

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