Planet of the Apes Chronicles / Paul Woods : 3 of 5

I guess I won't ever get tired of Planet of the Apes stuff (I just watched all the sequels again recently on Netflix), so I was really happy to discover this book on PaperBack Swap while I was just browsing through thousands of titles at random! The Planet of the Apes Chronicles was published in 2001 around the time of the Tim Burton re-imagined release, but 95% of this book focuses on the classic movies that I know and love. It's actually a collection of short essays and interviews by a variety of authors, combined into nice sections on each of the five films. This format made for perfect reading in short bursts, and I really enjoyed the interview snippets with various directors, authors, actors, and even Pierre Boulle himself (author of Monkey Planet, the original inspiration for the film). In fact, there is a fantastic overview of Boulle's own attempt at a sequel called Planet of the Men, which sounds like an awesome story (involving Taylor educating the savage humans so they can rise up against their ape oppressors), but of course, the story for Beneath the Planet of the Apes won out in the end. Other great sections of this book include episode guides for both the live action and animated apes series, as well as an incredible timeline that attempts to make sense out of all five films, both TV shows, and even comic book storylines! Unfortunately, there isn't a single photo or illustration in the entire book (which makes Planet of the Apes Revisited a much better overview book), but I still had a wonderful time reading this collection. It even made me want to check out the Tim Burton film again, which is saying a lot!

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