Netflix One-Liners 7.09

It's no secret that I'm totally addicted to Netflix Watch Instantly on my TiVo, and I love to use it while I'm waiting for a new DVD to arrive (or just to see some semi-favorite movies again when I'm bored!). I like to use WEBmikey to remember what movies I've seen and when, but I've just been watching so many over the past few months that there's no way I can cover them all in detail (and I totally abandoned my Netflix Novelties attempt as soon as I started!). So, my next idea is to write a single sentence about each thing I watch on Watch Instantly, and post these in groups of 10 each month or so. Of course, I have a backlog to get through, but I'll catch up eventually. Anyway, here we go with my first Netflix One-Liners!

THX 1138: George Lucas' first movie is an awesome dystopian treat, which I had to watch again since he pulled his "special edition" trick and added new effects shots (which were pretty cool, I have to admit).
The Tick: Although the animated series was funnier, Patrick Warburton is totally hilarious as the big blue superhero in this short-lived TV series, and Bat-Manuel is one of the best parody characters ever!
1984: Still on my dystopia kick, this modern film version of Orwell's classic story is disturbing yet compelling, and I love the fact it was filmed on some of the actual dates and in the actual places mentioned in the novel.
In Like Flint: Matt and I watched this together on a whim and had a great laugh at all the girls fawning over James Coburn in this spy parody.
Superman: The Movie: I had to watch this one again just for my favorite scene, when Superman dons his costume and flies out of the Fortress of Solitude for the first time!
Spaceballs: Not one of Mel Brooks' best movies, but I just had the urge to rewatch this Star Wars/science fiction spoof to see if it was funnier than I remembered (it wasn't).
The Omega Man: Still feeling dystopian, I had fun watching Charlton Heston's performance and comparing the story to its modern remake, I Am Legend.
Altered States: I love this totally bizarre, quasi-scientific, evolution regression movie, which features some of the best psycho-babble dialogue ever written (and cool effects, too).
2001: A Space Odyssey: Even though the Watch Instantly version wasn't widescreen, I was still mesmerized (as always) with the epic film, which reignited my interest so much that I spent the next day reading about the ground-breaking effects (and I just bought the DVD so I can watch it again properly!).
2010: The Year We Make Contact: Although the feel of this sequel is completely different from 2001, it's still awesome to see HAL redeem himself (and the exact reproductions of the 2001 sets and models are stunning!).

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