Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Vol 7 & Vol 8 : 4 of 5

It's so great to get back to this awesome anime series, and I watched both of these two DVDs really quickly (usually in one five-episode sitting!). This show was already incredible, and now the story is even more interesting, so I can't wait to watch the rest of it (two more DVDs to go). Kira and Athrun finally face off in a huge battle, leaving both of them wounded and recovering in unusual places - Kira ends up at ZAFT under the care of Lacus Cline, and Athrun is back at Orb with Cagalli. Both of them have some dramatic scenes as they brood over the fact that they tried to kill each other, which is the kind of emotional moments that this series does so well. There are some tense scenes involving some hatred of a ZAFT prisoner, but these are soon interrupted by ZAFT's huge "Operation Spit Break", which unleashes a horrible betrayal on both sides of the war! Now the main characters rightfully question the judgment of those calling the shots in the military, and a new kind of alliance against the war itself begins to form. The best part of this is that Kira and Athrun slowly end up on the same side, and when they are fighting together and protecting each other the action is so awesome! Of course, they both have new Gundam suits now (called Freedom and Justice), which are equipped with N-Jammer Cancellers that allow them to be nuclear powered. A nice side effect of this is that La Flaga gets to pilot Kira's old Strike Gundam after it's repaired! These volumes complete the long arc of battles on Earth, since at the end the neutral nation of Orb returns to space, setting up the last set of episodes. During this exodus, the truth about Kira and Cagalli is revealed (not what I was expecting, but a nice turn), so I'm looking forward to seeing how this affects what happens next!

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