Fanboys : 2 of 5

Since the characters in this film are all Star Wars fans, I was really excited about this movie as it was being made and looking forward to seeing it when it finally was released, and then I somehow didn't even go! Movies like Fanboys which both celebrate and spoof geek culture are either awesome (like Free Enterprise) or lame, and I'm afraid this one is more of the latter in my opinion. The simple plot is about a group of friends who decide to break into Skywalker Ranch to see The Phantom Menace before it is released, spurred on by the fact that one of the friends has cancer and not much longer to live. It's a nice idea, but most of the movie ends up feeling like a so-so Mel Brooks film, especially by opening with a stupid spoof of the classic Star Wars text crawl. There's also an incredibly dumb drug-induced hallucination that really cheapened the whole film! Still, there are some funny moments, including some Star Wars vs. Star Trek fan battles (Seth Rogen plays a brilliant double role as the ultimate Trekkie and a Star Wars loving Las Vegas pimp!), and a few good cameos from William Shatner and Harry Knowles (Ain't It Cool News geek extraordinaire). There's also a good bit of trivia thrown around (easy stuff for fans like me) - my favorite was the reference to parsecs being a unit of time (thanks to Han Solo's famous line about the Kessel Run!). Thankfully, the movie really brightens up when the group finally makes it inside the Lucasfilm facility, where all the guards are dressed like the THX 1138 police robots and tense standoffs involve possible damage of priceless Star Wars props (which are all over the place!). I liked the brief messages of the film (such as "Find your Death Star"), but overall I was pretty bored by the end of the movie, and I doubt I'll ever have the urge to see it again.

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