The Day Jobs on Austin Music Network

During my last visit to Oklahoma City, I used Dad's old VCR to dub some VHS tapes onto MiniDV, which included some old footage of my swing band, The Day Jobs. During our days of being "famous", we appeared on Austin Music Network in 1998 on a show called What's the Cover?, where we had a short interview and played four songs live on the air! The studio gave us a tape of the show after the filming, which has been packed away in my garage all these years. Over the past few weeks I've been editing our songs into individual videos on YouTube, and here they are for your nostalgic enjoyment! The first two are originals, starting with our "hit" song Mopac Bounce (I had a low quality version of this one on YouTube already, but I've replaced it with this new source), followed by Get Go Getter. We also did two standards - Puttin' on the Ritz (please notice my whistle skills!) and Dream a Little Dream of Me, one of our best fast numbers. I have lots more Day Jobs footage coming when I get around to editing it - I like "preserving" our band on the internet!

Watch video: Mopac Bounce
Watch video: Get Go Getter
Watch video: Puttin' on the Ritz
Watch video: Dream a Little Dream of Me

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