Old band clips with iMovie 9

Transitioning to my new iMac has been really cool for lots of reasons. First, it helped me get some files organized that I had forgot I even had, such as tons of short video clips (mostly shot with still cameras using movie mode) that needed a little editing! Next, it gave me a great excuse to try out iMovie 9. I'm kind of an "expert" when it comes to the old iMovie HD, but after I saw how radically they had changed the application in the last version if iLife, I didn't even bother upgrading. But since the latest iLife came with my iMac, I wanted to see what it can do. It definitely takes some getting used to, since almost none of my "skill" applies to this version! But for short clips, the transition and title capabilities really make it worth it (I would never use it for a long project, but I hope to be learning Final Cut Express in the future!). Finally, the speed of my new iMac really made it a joy to mess with this stuff!

So, I have three "never before seen" clips of a couple of my bands. The first is my old jazz combo Stella, back in the days when we played some crowded, well-paying gigs! The next two are Halloween shows of the Greatest American Heroes playing in costume at the Carousel Lounge. It's fun to watch people dancing, and it's also quite historically important to have preserved footage of Ernesto dressed as Jeannie!

Watch video: Stella
Watch video: Greatest American Heroes 2006
Watch video: Greatest American Heroes 2008

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