Land of the Lost : 2 of 5

I am seriously late with this review, since I saw Land of the Lost with my parents in Oklahoma City over a week ago, but better late than never, right? Even though I was a fan of the Saturday morning live-action TV series, I probably wouldn't have seen this movie on my own, but it was a perfect light-hearted comedy to enjoy with a beer in the balcony of the Warren Theater. Will Ferrell has really been churning out mediocre movies lately (I wonder if he will ever make something totally funny again?), but at least Land of the Lost could draw on the original series for laughs. My favorite moments of the film were when they brought up lyrics to the TV theme song (talking about going on a "routine expedition", or screaming "the greatest earthquake ever known"), and along the same lines, it was fun to see Will sing the song around the campfire. I enjoyed Cha-Ka and their cave home, but the best part was the Sleestaks, who looked absolutely identical to the way I remember them, even though they could have created something much more menacing with today's technology. Of course, there are some good dinosaur special effects and action sequences, but simply not enough laughs (was this supposed to be a comedy or an adventure movie?). Actually, the funniest moments happen at the beginning and end of the film when Will is interviewed by Matt Lauer, who does a great job playing himself. I wouldn't really recommend Land of the Lost to anyone except Saturday morning fans, but I still had a good time watching it with Mom & Dad.


  1. I'm glad you subjected yourself to this for me. I wasn't impressed with the previews and after trying to watch Anchorman while giving platelets a few weeks ago, i'm even less enamored with Will Ferrell.

  2. Hehe - I actually think Anchorman is his best movie, so if you didn't like that one, he doesn't have a chance. :)