Hello! Project 2009 Winter: Wonderful Hearts / Elder Club : 4 of 5

This two-DVD set contains the last big Hello! Project concerts before the huge mass Elder Club graduation, so I had to get this DVD just for the historical significance. Actually, I thought the actual graduation ceremony would be on this set, but that's another DVD that I have on the way! The first DVD is the Wonderful Hearts concert, which was totally enjoyable. I thought using Resonant Blue as the opening song was a little strange since there are really only two singing parts with about twenty girls on stage, but at least the dance was cool. Mako-chan returns to help out as MC, but unfortunately her voice just isn't near as good as Yaguchi's (who normally does these things). I loved watching Lin Lin and Jun Jun and seeing how their personalities have developed so much lately, and I was impressed with how well Berryz Koubou sings live. But the important part of this set is the second DVD, which is the final (except for the graduation) Elder Club concert. I had a fantastic time watching everyone and thinking about their long careers and everything they've been through. Without them, there would be no Morning Musume for me to enjoy! Yuko is truly the foundation of the whole thing, and you can just see how much she appreciates her fans and really cares about Hello! Project. It was so cool to see little reunions of all the past groups one last time - Tanpopo made me cry, Biyuuden was great (Yui's boobs haven't changed a bit), and I was really psyched to see GAM again. Unfortunately, they wasted a little time with a song from Mano Erina (the exact same thing she sang on Disc One!), but most of the concert was focused on former members of Morning Musume, finishing up with a great melody at the end! Both concerts were really fun to watch, and had plenty of points that made me cheer and cry. Moments like these make it really fun to be a Hello! Project fan!

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