Five days in OKC

I spent the past few days with my parents during my typical summer trip to Oklahoma City, and we had a great time together as usual! I got to enjoy Mom's cooking (which was like heaven after my recent dieting), and it was nice to see all the improvements Mom & Dad have been making around the house, including the nice new swing and furniture on the patio. Of course, we had to get our slot machine fix at Riverwind Casino, so we went three times (winning-wise, one day was terrible and one was fantastic!). We also saw a movie in the Warren Theater balcony, watched some old video tapes that I dubbed onto Mini DV, and I got to dig through three boxes of childhood books (I found some incredible Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica stuff!). On top of all of that, most of my time was spent getting Dad up to speed with all kinds of technology! We did lots of iPhone and iTunes stuff (he's really excited about burning CDs now), but the coolest thing was hooking up the new huge Samsung TV with wireless internet and Yahoo TV Widgets! It was really amazing to see my latest Twitter and Flickr updates right there on the TV. As always, it's kind of a bummer to get back to real life, but it sure was a nice way to spend a five-day weekend!

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