Annual baseball adventure

Last weekend my pal Barron and I drove to Arlington for our yearly Major League Baseball game, and this time we took along Barron's oldest son, Bay. The weather was beautiful and Barron's Prius was super-comfortable, so the trip was a breeze. The game was the Texas Rangers versus the Los Angeles Dodgers, and we were both rooting for the Dodgers (they are Barron's favorite team, and I wanted the Rangers to lose since that helps the Angels!). It was fun to see Bay's reactions to the ball park, since this was his first time to see a pro game, and I tried to enjoy watching everyone eat awesome junk food, since I kept my diet intact (I actually limited myself to one peanut per inning!). There was some nice action in the game, but there were also some incredibly slow sections, which gave me time to do exciting experiments with Bay like watching cotton candy dissolve in Sprite! The Dodgers ended up winning 6-3, and we all went home happy. I was pretty tired from sitting outside in 95 degrees so long (thankfully we had shade!), but it was so worth it. I wonder who we'll go see play next year?

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