Star Trek : 5 of 5

I can hardly believe it myself, but yesterday I got to see a sneak preview of the new Star Trek movie (thanks to my pal Melinda and her lucky free passes again)! I promise this will be a spoiler-free review (even though it will be tough!), but I want to get my thoughts down while they are fairly fresh, since this is such an important movie to Star Trek fans like me. The best thing I can say about the film is that I want to see it again right now! I don't know how they did it, but JJ Abrams managed to create an awesome story that should make long-time fans happy, while brilliantly (and simply, I might add) making possible an entirely new future of Star Trek adventures in the years to come. Although the other Star Trek series were all enjoyable and fun to watch, nothing will ever top the original series characters for me, so even though this is an entirely new, younger cast, they immediately became the Enterprise crew that I know so well. Their youth (Chekov is only 17!) is pretty cool, but even though they can be wild and full of fire, there's no mistake that they are also brilliant scientists and serious about Starfleet! I was happy with the entire cast, except for Winona Ryder's small role as Spock's mom, just because it was jarring to see a well-known face. It was a blast to catch the many references to the series and previous movies, but also fun to see the updated Enterprise, which looks cool both inside and out. There's hardly a need to mention the special effects, since everything looks amazing these days, but I will say that I really enjoyed the glimpses at Starfleet Academy in future San Francisco as well as the Vulcan city where Spock grew up, just because I have a thing for sprawling futuristing cities. I'm sure more demanding Star Trek fans will be more negative than me, but I'm totally into this movie as both a satisfying trip with my Enterprise friends, as well as a starting point for new movies I can get excited about!


  1. You are so lucky! Just a few more days till it opens here.

  2. I liked the new Star Trek movie too. But hm... this guy makes a good point...http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1910892