New iMac bliss

Although I use my MacBook 90% of the time, I still like having an additional desktop Mac to encode DVDs, download torrents, and other long-haul tasks like editing videos. I've been using a Power Mac for the past four years, which was a screamer when it came out, but lately I just felt so behind the times using a non-Intel Mac. I've been eyeing the new iMac for a long time, since I love its simplicity, and last week I finally got one! I thought it would take forever for me to get everything moved and setup how I want, but I actually blazed through the job in a couple evenings. There are lots of things I'm really happy about, starting with the 24-inch screen, plus I hooked up my old Cinema Display as a second monitor (which just worked like magic the moment I plugged it in). The new tiny keyboard took a few minutes to get used to, but I love the small footprint. Although I've avoided iPhoto for years, I've finally decided to use it now, and I'm having a blast running through my entire photo collection and watching it do face recognition on my pals! I've also decided to start using Time Machine, so I won't have to mess with my usual monthly backup (except for my MacBook, but I may remedy that in the future). This weekend I've really enjoyed using it and enjoying that elegant Apple feeling - I'm really happy with my iMac!

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