Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Vol 5 & Vol 6 : 4 of 5

I'm really enjoying this awesome anime series, and I can easily see how so many fans have been obsessed with all the amazing technology - everything has a intricate design and a cool code name (and new vehicles and weapons are introduced in almost every episode!). But along with the action, the character development on this series is stellar, since they always manage to focus on both sides of the war, showing the conflict inside each character doing what they feel they must do, even though they may be a kind soul with no desire to kill. That point is made clear in two key battles: first with Kira's defeat of the Desert Tiger (it was a shame to see this interesting character go so soon), and next with the huge face-off between Kira and Athrun, during which two of the most likable personalities are killed (Nichol's death at Kira's hands is particularly sad, since Nichol's sensitive and artistic nature is brought out in the previous scenes). On the female side of things, Flay (I still don't like her) is jealous of Cagalli, who befriends Athrun while they are stranded on an island, and we also learn of Cagali's connections to Orb, the neutral nation who made the new mobile suits in the first place. There's also some big news mentioned by Kira's parents about his sibling, but it's no surprise to me (I'm just waiting for the inevitable to be revealed!). Action-wise, I loved the undersea battle, and the Archangel's huge barrel roll was pretty spectacular! Although Volume 6 has a few obligatory flashback episodes, they're definitely well done (and the switch to Nami Tamaki's new theme song is pretty awesome!). I'm really looking forward to seeing where this series goes next, but I have to take a break to complete my Godzilla goal!

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