Maximum space and book swapping

Back when I organized all my books and manga, I made a firm commitment to the concept of "maximum space", meaning that when a defined space is full and I want to buy more, I have to get rid of things to make room. This idea has been guiding all of my collections and their growth for quite a while, so I know they will never get out of hand! I have two small shelves designated as my maximum space for manga, and recently I reached the limit. Since I'm still buying and enjoying manga, I had to find a way to lose some old series. The problem with manga is it's worth next to nothing for trade-in (I found a place online that would do one dollar per volume, but it just wasn't worth the effort). However, I remembered reading about a site called PaperBackSwap, which basically just acts as a broker of one-for-one book trading, which seemed like a good fit for manga. It turns out there were tons of people who wanted the books I decided to offer, since I had about 10 requests in minutes! PaperBackSwap actually knows the weight of the books you're sending, so it can print out Media Mail postage (pretty cheap) for you, which is super handy. You can actually wrap the book in printer paper if you want, but I found it easier to use brown paper and just tape the postage on. Anyway, it was really simple, and now I have lots of credit to use to get swapped books. The site has over three million books registered, but you can even put books they don't have yet on a wish list, so if someone offers them you can snatch them up. Since you pay the postage when you send books, you don't pay anything to receive them, and today I just received my first book, a Steve Martin novel that has been on my Amazon Wish List for ages! It will take me a long time to "spend" the credit I have built up, but I'm definitely sold on the idea!

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