Last of the Jedi Vol 6 / Jude Watson : 3 of 5

I'm still enjoying this series of Star Wars books, and I'm definitely not ashamed to be reading these Scholastic big-print mini-novels (except in public)! Our hero Ferus Olin is now fairly established as a double agent, so there's lots of creepy interaction with the Emperor and Darth Vader, which is the best part of the story, since Anakin and Ferus grew up together in the Jedi Temple. Ferus doesn't know who Vader really is, but of course the opposite isn't true (and Vader even says "I know you" to Ferus in a particularly tense scene!). The plot is a seamless transition from the previous book, and is kind of overflowing with planetary political intrigue that gets a little tedious at times, but there are still some good action-packed moments to break up the monotony. It's interesting to read about pockets of resistance forming and their various plots, but the main theme of this book is the danger of Ferus being so close to the evil of the Empire and his worries about the dark side, which Ferus counters with memories of his Jedi training and his old master in some poignant flashbacks. I love how Jude Watson constantly switches the point of view character in each chapter, so the reader gets to see things through the eyes of Ferus, Trever, and even Vader at times - internal dialogue and characterization has always been a strongpoint of these books that keeps me coming back for more. Overall, this volume wasn't spectacular, but of course it was good enough to make me want to keep reading the series!

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