Grand Canyon adventure

Last weekend I took a four-day vacation to visit my pals Ryan & Jennifer in Phoenix, which included an incredible adventure to the one-and-only Grand Canyon! After I arrived, Ryan and I spent the first day enjoying the Phoenix Zoo, which was so unusual since I've never seen a zoo in the middle of the desert before. Even though most of the animals were hiding from the hot sun, they have a fantastic giraffe habitat and a cool enclosure were you can hang out with squirrel monkeys. The next morning we got up early to drive to the canyon, and on the way we found a crazy Flintstones RV park, plus an aviation museum with an old Constellation (Dad navigated on this plane in the Air Force, and I had never seen one in person)! After checking out our hotel, we entered Grand Canyon National Park and saw the canyon itself. It was the first time Ryan and I had been there, and the sight completely blew me away - it's just so huge and expansive that I could hardly believe it was real! At Grand Canyon Village we took a look at all the buildings there, then had lunch at the El Tovar (and got a window table!). After that, we started driving east along the South Rim and stopped at every observation point. Each one was different and beautiful, and we had a great time taking photos at each one! Speaking of photos, Ryan got a new digital SLR and really gave it a workout (with three cameras going, we actually took over 1,000 pictures!). The famous Watchtower was the feature of the last point, and it's a really interesting (if somewhat strange) structure. We ended the day by watching the sunset (incredible!), then went back to the hotel for drinks, which made it hard to get up the next morning to catch the sunrise, but we made it! Even the drive back to Phoenix was fun, and we stopped in Flagstaff to check out the downtown area. The trip was really amazing, and it was great to share such an incredible nature experience with my pals Ryan & Jennifer!

View photos: Phoenix Zoo
View photos: Drive to the Grand Canyon
View photos: Grand Canyon
View photos: Flagstaff

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