Godzilla vs Megaguirus : 3 of 5

It's been way too long since I continued with my quest to watch every Godzilla movie, so it's time to step up the pace since I only have five more to go! I actually stumbled upon this 2000 film on TV and watched it several months ago, but it was cool to see it again in Japanese on wide-screen DVD and pay more attention this time. Just when it seemed like the Millennium timeline was coming together, this movie decides to change it all again with a long recap of flashbacks, including retrofitting the modern spiky Godzilla suit into 1954 black & white footage, and continuing with some crazy history that ends up with Osaka as the current capital of Japan! After that's in place, we learn about G-Grasper (anti-Godzilla force) and their new weapon called Dimension Tide that actually fires miniature black holes, which they hope to use to swallow up Godzilla. Of course, the testing of that weapon releases some prehistoric dragonflies that start out as eggs, hatch into big bugs that kill people (with some of the most disgusting deaths in any Godzilla movie), change into their flying form, and later bring forth Megaguirus, a giant insect that looks way too much like Battra from Godzilla vs Mothra. The story is pretty interesting, and includes some unique situations like Godzilla battling a swarm of thousands of flying dragonflies, plus the complete (and fairly convincing) flooding of Shibuya (I love it when Megaguirus lands on top of the well-known 109 building)! Some of the effect shots are pretty magnificent, including some incredible compositing of the monsters into helicopter shots of actual locations, and the amazing scene where Kiriko (the female soldier main character) actually rides on Godzilla's back as he swims in the ocean (a truly impressive effect). Kirkio and Kudo (the hot-shot cocky scientist hired by G-Grasper) aren't particularly great characters, but at least they keep the plot moving well. Godzilla vs Megaguirus isn't super popular among Godzilla fans, but I really enjoyed it since I had seen my kaiju friends in quite a while!

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