Fun festival, frustrating camera

This weekend I was asked to be a photographer at the Japan-America Society of Greater Austin Sastuki Matsuri (May Festival). It was kind of cool that someone discovered my website and photos and figured out how to contact me (via my pal Kumiko), so I was happy to do it. Several years ago I went to this festival with my pal Barron, when it was held at the Zilker Botanical Garden, but thank goodness it was in a middle school cafeteria this year, since it poured rain all day. I had a good time trying to capture all of the various events, from taiko drums to kendo sparring, but it was pretty challenging, and made it clear that I really need to upgrade my ancient Canon SD400, which is completely beat-up and starting to physically malfunction every now and then. My biggest problem was white balance, since the lighting appeared to be florescent, but I think it was actually tungsten, so most of my photos are too orange even though I thought I was doing the right thing (I think I was using the wrong metering mode, too, but there's not much you can do after 600 photos!). I also had to shoot everything in grainy 400 speed with my pitiful zoom, which certainly didn't help! It was still fun, though - I enjoyed the performances, and it was nice to see the huge crowd of people interested in Japanese culture. (But I'll definitely be buying a new camera before the next photo taking opportunity!)

View photos: JASGA Satsuki Matsuri 2009


  1. Pictures came out nice! But, it's time for you to move up to a dslr!

  2. You're too kind. :) I'm not the DSLR type - it's got to be pocketable. I'm 99% sure I'm getting a Canon SD880 VERY soon.