Day Jobs original: Get Go-Getter

Time for another time capsule post about my old swing band, The Day Jobs! Some of the old files that I recently discovered were song lyrics, since we had several original tunes written by Dae and Ernesto. For a few songs, after the guys wrote the melody, I got to write some lyrics to go along with them, and it was really fun to see what I could come up with, and even better to hear Matt sing them with the band. One my favorites was Get Go-Getter, which Ernesto wrote and titled, so I had to write around that idea. At the time I was into the complex and funny rhymes of Lorenz Hart (lyricist of My Funny Valentine and a million other songs you know), so I wanted to be clever with lots of three syllable rhymes. Some of them aren't so hot, but they're close! By the way, this song isn't about anyone I've ever known (although I remember I did have a car battery problem back then!). You can actually listen along to The Day Jobs performing live at Speakeasy on February 25th, 2000, thanks to Club Cast Live (a now defunct website that used to broadcast Austin music on the net)!

Play Get Go-Getter
She's a get go-getter, you ought to see her go
She's a hip jet-setter, flyin' to her French chateau
She's a maestro on the Wurlitzer
All her fiction wins the Pulitzer
She's a get go-getter
Goin' after me

She's a dancer - a romancer
You won't believe your eyes
A mediocre - stock broker
A recipient of the Nobel Prize

She's a get go-getter, she drinks the finest wine
She's a high stakes better, rolls seven every time
Though she may not care for flattery
She can change your car's dead battery
She's a get go-getter
Goin' after me

She's a get go-getter, she dresses so sublime
She's a cashmere sweater, top of the line - so fine
She's a thrice-degreed colle-gi-an
She can tell you in Norwe-gi-an
She's a get go-getter
Goin' after me

A navigator - of the equator
She can sail the seven seas
She's a doctor - so don't mock her
She performed her own appendectomy

She's a get go-getter, she could have any guy
She's a sweet love letter, the kind that makes you sigh
I'm a nice guy, don't get mad at me
But the lady's got anatomy
She's a get go-getter
Goin' after me

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