Terry Fator : 4 of 5

The second show my parents and I saw in Las Vegas was Terry Fator, the amazing ventriloquist who won the America's Got Talent competition, at the Mirage. Since I never watch those TV shows, I hadn't even heard of the guy, but my parents assured me that he was a great entertainer, and they were right! Terry has a variety of different puppets, from simple cloth animals to complex people with moving eyes and arms on rods, and he does a great job giving each one of them a unique (although totally stereotyped) personality. My favorites were Julius, the soul singer who looks a lot like Louis Armstrong, and Vicky the "cougar", who was amazing not only for her female voice, but also for the way she expertly flips her hair around. Of course Terry is a flawless ventriloquist, but I think his singing impersonations are much more impressive (in fact, he could probably pull off a puppet-less show if he just kept singing). He did a variety of popular hits, both old and new, sounding absolutely identical to the original artist, which was amazing. Actually, I was blown away the most by a few bars of Patsy Cline's Crazy - watching that voice come out of his male mouth was so real that it looked like he was lip synching! I also really enjoyed it when Terry himself was impersonating Michael Jackson while conversing with another puppet, so he has to switch back and forth between two personas and voices! This show also used an on-stage band and video screens (like Donny & Marie), but the band was definitely kept in the background to keep the focus on Terry. Even though Terry Fator has hit the big time and he's making millions of dollars now, it was plain to see that he's humble and thankful for his success. He encouraged everyone to take photos during the show (which is practically unheard of) and even tries to meet any fans that want an autograph. This may not be the flashiest show on the Strip, but I still highly recommend it!

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