Stupid driver rant

I rarely write about irritating things or pet peeves, since I generally don't let things get to me, but depending on my mood, there are a couple things I encounter on the road all the freakin' time that drive me crazy! Around Austin there are several two lane left turns (at least on the routes I drive often), which obviously means that the lane you start the turn in should be the same lane you end the turn in. However, I can't even begin to count the number of mentally-challenged drivers who start the turn in the left-most lane and think they can end up in the right-most lane (which is usually the lane I'm in), meaning I have to slow down or speed up to get the heck out of their way. This happens to me at least once a week, and every time I'm just astounded that someone could be so dumb or oblivious that they think this is OK! If didn't drive extra defensively in these intersections, I would easily be bumped by these morons.

The next peeve has to do with making a turn into a business from a fast-moving (40-50 MPH) street. In order to keep traffic flowing, I think you should make these turns as quickly (but safely) as possible, and I always make an effort so the car behind me doesn't have to slow down too much. But everyday there is someone turning into the post office or something who demands to come to nearly a full stop on the main road, then creep into the parking lot at two miles an hour, while I have to break and come to a near stop while they take their sweet time. What the heck is wrong with these people? Slow turners are the worst!


  1. Or when the person in the left-turn-only lane decides it's ok to go straight. Or when someone turning going to turn one direction veers to the other before turning. Aaaarrggghhh!!!

  2. I can think of a few more, too! This may not be my last rant. :)