Perfect PEZ shelves

Last weekend I spent several hours reorganizing my PEZ collection, which was a lot of work, but also a ton of fun! I have one wall of my toy museum room devoted to PEZ, but it was becoming dangerously full, so I had to take action to make room for future collecting. I realized that I could fit four more PEZ display racks way up on top (next to the ceiling), so I decided to move around every single dispenser to put them into logical groups (Disney PEZ turned out to be the largest grouping by far!). Since I had to use a ladder to get to these new top racks, I decided to put the holiday and other color variation dispensers at the top (they are kind of the least interesting to me, except for the original Santa Claus PEZ from Mom that started my whole collection!), and then work my way down with everything else. I put just a few things into storage, like some cheap Party Favors and Body Parts, since they were just taking up room and weren't really "true" PEZ. I also squished everything to get as many dispensers on each rack as possible, and now I'm happy to say I have several racks completely empty for future PEZ! I really enjoyed making my collection look great - reorganizing is about the only way I get to "play" with my toys!

While I'm on the subject, I've written about my PEZ display method before, but I want to mention it again since I think it's really convenient (and I haven't read about anyone else doing it this way!). I use the fantastic PEZ racks available from John Thompson Acrylic Displays, but I hang them from Elfa shelving uprights using cheap S-hooks from the hardware store. With this method, I only had to hang the Elfa crossbar at the top and hang the uprights once. After that, I can move racks around whenever I want (even full of PEZ), and I'm always guaranteed they are horizontally level. It's really easy and looks great!

View photos: PEZ Racks Before & After


  1. hi there - my 3 year old son has quite a little pez collection coming along and we would like to mount them in his new playroom for Christmas. I have emailed customer service at Elfa but it looks like the John Thompson shelving people are no longer in business? Can't seem to find them. Any suggestions? We would like to order some before Santa arrives.

    Thanks! Carol

  2. Hi Carol - You can contact John Thompson at JThomp3511@aol.com. He doesn't have a website currently, but he still makes and sells the shelves! The Elfa parts were purchased from the Container Store. They are unrelated to the PEZ shelves - I just figured out a way to make them work together by using S-hooks. Good luck with your son's playroom!

  3. Can you send me a closer picture of how you hung those shelves? How can you purchase the Elfa shelving with out the shelves and, sorry for my ignorance, but what are S hooks? I just e-mailed John to see how I can buy those shelves.


  4. Jason, I've written some further detail (with photos) that you can read at http://www.webmikey.com/2010/01/hanging-pez-on-elfa.htm. Good luck!

  5. Mikey I ordered my shelves from John and they look great. I also purchsed the elfa shelving and the S hooks. I bent them as instructed but this is kinda hard to do. Can you send better pictures so I can see what I'm doing wrong. Maybe I'm too excited!

  6. Brenda, it takes a little time to bend the S hooks - I used a couple pairs of pliers to do it. They just need to opened up enough to go through the hole in the shelf. The best picture I have of how I used the S hooks is here:

    I wrote a little more detail about the process on this post: http://www.webmikey.com/2010/01/hanging-pez-on-elfa.htm

    Hope this helps - enjoy your PEZ!