The Pajama Game / Mary Moody Northern Theater : 4 of 5

It's been a long time since I've seen a show at St. Edward's University, but I've never been disappointed with the quality of their productions. I'm happy to say The Pajama Game was no exception, which my pal Tom and I saw last weekend! I really knew nothing about this famous musical (and I haven't seen the movie), but as the show went on I recognized several familiar tunes that most people know (with Hernando's Hideaway being the most popular). The Mary Moody Northern Theater is a round space, so it's always interesting to see how the sets will be built, and this time they constructed some cool elevated "rooms" around the perimeter to act as the factory offices, machine room (complete with moving gears), and Babe's house, with great attention to detail. Speaking of detail, St. Edward's always goes the extra mile, and this time they even had the factory workers in custom embroidered smocks with the "Sleeptite Pajama Company" logo! The live band was fantastic, and all of the singing was marvelous, although they decided to use taped-on microphones that were totally unnecessary (most of the time they were barely on, sometimes loud notes caused some feedback, and the stupid battery packs were kind of unattractively tucked above their butt cheeks!). The actors were really energetic and wonderful, especially the role of Gladys, which was played with incredible comedic timing (she was absolutely hilarious!). The large musical numbers where everyone goes nuts (like the classic Once a Year Day) were so full of excitement that the audience was swept along into the glee. The Pajama Game was a super-entertaining experience that reminded me I should check out St. Edward's theater more often!

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