Original Day Jobs biography

Recently I was organizing and cleaning out some old files on my external hard drives (to make extra room for all the home movies I've been importing), and I stumbled upon some ancient files that I saved from my old Windows PC (which is long gone now). The best thing I found was a few old text files from my old band The Day Jobs, including some set lists, original lyrics, and our band bio from our website. I don't remember for sure, but I think we got together to decide on the content, and then Ernesto probably wrote the bulk of the text, and I might have edited it after that. It's kind of funny to read this today, since it seems kind of long and slightly goofy, but I guess it helped with our success! Since the original Day Jobs website is kind of hard to navigate on the Internet Archive, I thought it would be fun to post these "rare documents" on WEBmikey over time for posterity!
The Day Jobs have been swinging since late 1997, when Ernesto Marquez and Dae Kim decided to expand their saxophone duo into a complete jazz combo. Their goal was to put together a group of musicians with a true affection for the music of the 20s, 30s and 40s, who could strive to capture the feel of that era and love doing it. Within two months, the band was formed and spent months rehearsing to arrange their favorite standards into a formidable repertoire that continues to grow today. Soon they began appearing at clubs, parties, and weddings, performing swing hits mixed with their own original compositions. The Day Jobs are now a fixture of Austin’s swing scene, keeping dancers happy all over town.

On stage, Matt Melton is the voice and soul of the Day Jobs, bringing his enthusiasm and charm to the group. Melton is no stranger to performing, having previously sang and recorded with other bands in Dallas. His vocal range and clarity provide an authenticity to the Day Jobs’ swing sound. The essential brass element is provided by the tenor saxophone of Ernesto Marquez, always creating the perfect compliment to a song’s melody. Marquez began blowing his horn on the beaches of Del Mar, California, and now he not only gives the Day Jobs creative solos, but also several of their original tunes. The Day Jobs’ rhythm section of guitar, upright bass, and drums completes the combo. On guitar and second saxophone, Dae Kim brings a knowledge of musical arranging that makes the Day Jobs unique, as well as the ability to play it. A former part of many Los Angeles bands, his wide range of experience makes him a talented professional, as well as the composer of many Day Jobs originals. Ann Marie Harrop epitomizes the love of music — not only does she provide the Day Jobs’ solid bass lines and signature bass solos, she also continues to expand her technique through music education and still finds time to act as the band’s booking contact. Harrop is the Austin music veteran of the group, having played electric bass in several other bands. Behind it all are the sticks of Michael Walters on drums, bringing experience from a variety of bands in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Walters keeps a traditional jazz feel to the Day Jobs’ sound, departing from the heavy beat of evolved 90s swing. Put it all together, and a Day Jobs show is a feast for the ears — as well as the feet!

From the very beginning, the Day Jobs have been a dancer’s band. With three members who are proficient dancers themselves, the band is sensitive to a dancer’s needs over the duration of a show. Austin’s swing dancers have become the Day Jobs’ fans, but so have others who have booked the band for a variety of parties and wedding celebrations. Along with a regular performance schedule in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston, the band continues to arrange new tunes and compose new originals, and plans to record a studio album during 1999.

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