Netflix Novelties 4.09

I'm a big fan of Netflix Watch Instantly on TiVo, even though I have a tendency to watch way too much! I've been flying through TV shows and movies since the service has been available, but I haven't mentioned them here on WEBmikey because I usually review only physical DVDs or theatrical releases. But since a big part of the reason I like writing my mini-reviews is to have a record of what I've seen (which comes in handy all the time, since it's easy to forget!), I've decided I should start a little series called Netflix Novelties (another silly title). I'll just briefly mention five things I've watched (similar to my Manga Mentions and Music Moments posts), and since I've got some catching up to do, I better get started!

30 Rock / Seasons 1-2: This is the very first thing I tried on Watch Instantly, and I was totally amazed by the quality, which helped to get me hooked! I had already seen a few episodes on TV, but it was a blast to watch the show from the beginning and get totally caught up.

The Office / Seasons 1-4: I had only seen one episode of The Office before, but I couldn't resist the convenience of having all four seasons ready to watch with one click. This show was so addicting that I actually powered through 20 episodes in one day, and I was so thankful when I was finished so I could have my life back. It's fun to know the entire history of the characters by seeing the whole thing.

Saturn 3: I love watching old, semi-terrible science fiction, and now I can scratch that itch with Netflix anytime. Saturn 3 has Farrah Fawcett's boobs, Kirk Douglas' butt, a freaky horror-bot, plus some cheesy special effects!

Silent Running: This space-hippie movie is kind of nostalgic for me since I remember reading about it in special effects magazines as a kid. The stubby robots are cool, but the best part is the spaceship shots were re-used in the original Battlestar Galactica!

The Island of Dr. Moreau: I remember wanting to see this movie in the 70s since I had a science fiction classics coloring book that featured this HG Wells story, but I don't remember if I ever went. I like Michael York just because I'm a Logan's Run fan, and the creature make-up is pretty good, too.

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